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What is the Sociology of Housing?


"SOCIOLOGY OF HOUSING - an emerging specialist subject area in sociology, which seeks sociological explanations for a range of housing phenomena, ranging from patterns of housing tenure and provision, to patterns of inhabitation and household structures, to the meaning of’house’ and ‘home’ in different cultures. It is an area of study that overlaps with work in other disciplines, including human geography, planning, housing managementntal psychology, urban sociology, policy studies and women's studies."


Collins dictionary of sociology, 2nd Edition

Condominium Residents

as a Social Multitude


One of the trends in modern urbanization is the active development of condominiums in urban spaces. The article proposes an approach to the study of condominium residents as a social multitude, the basis of cohesion of which in Russia is shared property, on the use and maintenance of which the owners together show their electoral will at general meetings.


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