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What is the Sociology of Housing?


"SOCIOLOGY OF HOUSING - an emerging specialist subject area in sociology, which seeks sociological explanations for a range of housing phenomena, ranging from patterns of housing tenure and provision, to patterns of inhabitation and household structures, to the meaning of’house’ and ‘home’ in different cultures. It is an area of study that overlaps with work in other disciplines, including human geography, planning, housing managementntal psychology, urban sociology, policy studies and women's studies."


Collins dictionary of sociology, 2nd Edition

"Social reclusion and social seclusion: from staying at home to lonely death without witnesses"


The article presents the author's interpretation of the notions “social reclusion” and “social seclusion”, new for Russian sociology, in the discourse of which an analysis of some historical and modern forms of voluntary and forced under the influence of social institutions (and not only) solitude was carried out. It is concluded that social exclusion, isolation and loneliness are not always the result of social reclusion/seclusion. The study of domesticity, of which the modern forms are NEET in Europe, basement dwellers in the United States and hikikomori in Japan, focuses on the lives of the elderly and people with disabilities, which can be considered both in conditions of social reclusion and in conditions of social seclusion in the force of the influence of certain circumstances and institutional constraints. Special attention is paid to factors that prevent leaving home – limitations of the material and technological environment, pathological hoarding, phobias, etc. The social phenomenon of lonely death without witnesses, little studied in Russia but actively studied in Japan, is considered as an inevitable consequence of living alone. Based on secondary data, it is suggested that several million people in Russia are at risk of dying alone every year. 

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"Total Institutions in Russia: Why a Woman after an Operative Delivery does not Feel at Home (Hospital Case)"


Medicine. Sociology. Philosophy. Applied research

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 "Apartment Building:
Social Consequences of Legal Uncertainty"


XXI International Scientific Conference "Muromtsev Readings: Uncertainties of Law in Doctrine, Legislation and Legal Practice"


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